Hi, I'm Stephen Turner.

I'm an assistant professor of Public Health at the University of Virginia, and director of the School of Medicine's Bioinformatics Core. Originally trained in molecular biology, I obtained my PhD in computational genetics and an MS in statistics, and did a postdoc in epidemiology. I provide expert bioinformatics consulting services, working closely with investigators in the experimental design and analysis of genome-scale research, including studies of gene expression, protein-DNA binding, DNA methylation, and DNA variation, and metagenomics, using both array and next-generation sequencing technologies. Please see bioinformatics.virginia.edu for more.

I'm also a registered United States patent agent with an interest in technology management.

Please email me, download my CV, follow me on Twitter (@genetics_blog), or read my blog (Getting Genetics Done). I also maintain this list of bioinformatics and workshops and training around the world and online.